Why ask an expert?

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At Jinitto we know the value of asking an expert.  Well, it is the focus of our business and our reason for being!  There is a whole world of untapped knowledge out there and we should all be tapping into each other’s expertise and experience.  Our Jinitto app allows you to do this easily and quickly and at a time and rate to suit you.

So, why should you ask an expert?  We all find ourselves in situations which need a quick response or deeper insight into something where our expertise is limited, whether it’s to do with our personal or work life, our health, our home, our personal or business relationships.

We know there are millions of people out there looking for quality information which will help them make more informed decisions which, in turn, allow them to better their lives.  There are also millions of people out there who will have specific knowledge on the questions being asked.  Jinitto puts the two together.

Our unique ‘ask an expert’ platform allows you to connect with experts directly, to talk and solve problems.  It’s quick, it’s personal and it’s very easy to use.

We connect people globally with verified experts quickly, conveniently and affordably.

Do you have a question you want answered? Do you have knowledge to share?  Read our easy guide to signing up and let’s get together.


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