Where a Virtual Assistant can add value to your day

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Are you running a business?  Are you running a busy household, work and family life?  If you are constantly short of time, struggling to hit deadlines and just about keeping your head above water to get your long list of tasks complete each month, you probably need a second pair of hand!

Using all your time doing the day to day admin, financial and marketing task can seriously stop your business thriving, but it also vital that these jobs are done to keep your business moving forward.  For most businesses, outsourcing these key roles and streamlining their processes is the key to fast and savvy growth.

Hiring a skilled virtual assistant to work with you to grow your business by managing administration, marketing and basic sales tasks ensures you have a more highly organised business and one which focuses on your more pressing goals.

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So, what is a Virtual Assistant?

Invariably a virtual assistant or VA is a self-employed or freelance person who is highly skilled and specialises in administration, finance and basic marketing.  They usually work remotely from their own home office and will work in whatever capacity suits you, whether that is full time, on a contract or by the hour.

The critical stipulation for the role is a deep love of administration!  They will be people who love to spend their days powering their way through your list of administration tasks!

They can be located anywhere in the world and can work at a time that suits your business, which is perfect if you want your administration work completed overnight so you can jump straight into the day ready for business. They invariably are qualified and will have gained enough experience to allow them to walk straight into your business and get your admin sorted quickly and efficiently.

What can you expect a Virtual Assistant to do for you?

To be honest, the list can be reasonably endless as your needs will be specific to you and your business, but here are some of the general tasks a VA will be able to take off your hands.

– Managing your emails and responding as appropriate

– Following up and qualifying sales leads and sending out relevant information

– Research for your business

– Your invoicing and basic bookkeeping

– Setting up and managing your document processes

– Creating and sending your marketing emails

– Building your sales presentations and proposals

– Basic social media management

– Updating your website with new information, blogs and images.

– Organising and confirming meetings

How do I find my perfect Virtual Assistant?

This is where apps like Jinitto come in to play.  Jinitto is an app which allows you to connect with an expert simply and quickly.  Several VA’s are already taking advantage of our platform to offer their expert advice, and we suggest you call one or more of them to see how they can help.

What should I consider when I talk to them?

–  Be clear on what you need doing

Will your virtual assistant be managing all the administration for the business and need to chat on the phone to customers in your time zone in a full-time capacity, or will it be more of a casual support role and help out here, or are they needed on a part-time basis.

Jot down the tasks required, experience desired and if there are any mandatory things your virtual assistant will be undertaking that they will need to have experience in.

– Share what your business does

Explain what your company does and what is expected of the virtual assistant to meet the goals you are after. Share some information on your business, your sector, your customers and what sort of services you offer.

It’s important to give a new virtual assistant as much information as possible to provide a clear idea of what your business does so they can get a feel for who they might be working for.

– Add some specifics

Think about when you need the virtual assistant to start and for how long you will need their services?

Do you want to do a trial to see how they work out?  How long?  Be clear and explain if you need a part-time person right now but say if there is the possibility of long-term work.

Do you need them to have a particular skill – do they need to be a master bookkeeper and be able to use a specific software?  Do they need to be creative for social media management?

Finally, your perfect VA will stand out from the crowd because they are:

–    Great communicators

–    Reliable

–    Brilliant time managers

–    Resourceful

–    Precise

–    Comfortable working independently.

–    Able to manage you and your expectations!


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