What can I offer on Valentine’s day this year?

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Have you been offering jewelry to your partner and would like to try something more authentic?

We’re in the final countdown to the day celebrating love nd lovers: Valentine’s Day.

With less than two weeks to go until Cupid’s big day, it’s probably time to start finalising your gift purchases. While we already went over the baubles to buy your so, depending on how long you’ve been with them, perhaps you’ve decided that jewelry is not the route you want to go this year. In that case, we’ve rounded up 15 other gift categories that are perfect for your girlfriend, sister, BFF, mother, cubicle mate or girl crush.

For something simple but luxurious, some truffles from Godiva are a perfect gift. Not only is the chocolate in these sweets colored pink, but each one is filled with rosé wine chocolate ganache. If your budget is higher, why not try chocolates from Maison Pierre Marcolini. Their best seller is the iconic Coeur Framboise,  a dark-chocolate ganache with raspberry bits and lemon zest for extra zing. The Cœur Framboise is a perfect illustration of refinement and indulgence – a truly unique tasting experience.


For a present that’s not-so-simple and very luscious, a pair of cashmere-lined leather Hermès gloves will do. And if you’re in the market for a sexy and stylish Valentine’s treat, Tamara Mellon’s Love stilettos are just the thing; these incredibly romantic sandals come with the extra gift of a rose gold bullet vibrator.

If you’re still lost in the gift department, think about buying a present that is memorable and commemorates the holiday at hand. Sticking to classic hues of pink and red will help achieve that goal, as will the utilization of unique personalizing options. Instead of slapping your partner’s initials on Burberry’s Medium Rucksack, have the bag embroidered with an inside joke, or even the date of your anniversary. We promise, putting extra thought into these details will take you far.


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