STEP-by-step guide on how to signup as advisor

Open the app on your smartphone

You can download the app either by searching Jinitto on Apple store or Google Play, or by following this link:

Once you download the app and open it you will see introduction screens.

You can slide the screens to the left, or press the Skip button

Allow Jinitto access

In order to function normally, the application needs access to the below, please approve all to avoid disfunction of your app:

  • To send and view SMS message: We need this to allow verification of the SMS we will send you to validate your number
  • To take pictures and record videos: You need to be able to take a sekfie for the validatioin of your profile
  • To record audio: You need this to be able to speak to your customers
  • To access photos, media nad files: You need this to be able to submit to us your documentation supporting your profession.
  • To make and manage phone calls: You need to be able to receive calls on the appfrom your customers.
  • To access your contacts: You need this to be able to login back directly if you haven’t logged out.

Register with your email or social network account

You can register using your email address, or via your social network account which allows you easier and faster access. We support the following Social Networks for registration:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google

Then choose “I offer my expert advice”

Create your profile

Now the boring part, but you will do this once and you will be sorted for good…

  1. First provide your email address to link with your account, then your Name and mobile number to link with your account. Your mobile number is to verify you own the number and will not be displayed to users. Then setup your password
  2. Second, provide your DOB (Date Of Birth) as we only approve adults. Please also provide your Postcode and full address for us to send you official communications. This can be your personal or professional address.
  3. Please read and agree on the terms and conditions, these can be found here:

Your mobile number validation

We will now verify your mobile number by calling you on your device. You do not need to answer the call, leave it until it stops ringing.

If you have an Android Smartphone, you won’t need to do anything, the app will recognise the call and therefore automatically validate your number.

If you have an iPhone, then type in the last 4 digits of the number that called you and submit.

Proof of ID and of Qualification

We need to validate your identity, and if applicable check documents supporting your qualification.

Photo Profile

You can upload a photo profile and make visible to other users. 

For this, go to the Profile page and you can tap the Photo icon to take a selfie or upload a photo you have on your smartphone. Alternatively you can automatically upload your Facebook Profile picture, or your Instagram profile picture.

Proof of ID:

Please use the section “ID Verification”.

  1. Select the ID type you want to provide
  2. Put a description, for example my UK licence
  3. Press the picture logo and choose whether to take a picture of the document you have with you or upload it from a file on your mobile.

Proof Of Qualification:

  1. Select the document type you want to provide
  2. Put a description, for example my 1998 Diploma in Architecture.
  3. Press the picture logo and choose whether to take a picture of the document you have with you or upload it from a file on your mobile.

Your Profession

Here you need to provide some information that would be visible on your profile for the users:

  1. Your degree
  2. The category of the profession you are in
  3. Your profession. If you don’t find your, please write to [email protected]
  4. Key words: this is important because it will help users finding you much easier when they search for key words matching yours
  5. Your Experience
  6. If this is your profession full time or part time
  7. Your main language
  8. A secondary language if you are fluent in it. This is to allow non english speakers to be matched with expert they can speak to

Your fees

Now to the most exciting part: how much are your fees!

From the home screen, tap the Pricing icon. By default your will be charging per 5 minutes consultation. So if you set your pricing to £5, you will be charging £5 for every block of 5 minutes consultation. For example, if the duration of the call is 19 minutes, then that’s 4 blocks of 5 minutes, so you will be charging £20 in total.

Please note that the first minute is cancellable by the users free of charge, this is to allow them to check that the reception is good, that they and you can speak and see each other, and also to ask their question or explain briefly their issue. If what they ask is not within your skills then you can ask them to hang up without being charged.

Please note that the fee you set here is inclusive of VAT and of commission. You net income will be what you set, minus commission 20%, minus VAT that you will pay yourself to HMRC.

Your Payout details

At the end of each communication, you will be paid directly to your bank account.

You need to provide this data via:

  • Balance on your home screen
  • Then Payout
  • Then you can add your bank account details

Some of the information you provided already is needed again, but this is because we don’t hold any of the payment accounts in our database, this establishes a direct link with the secured payment platform Stripe.

All Set!

Congratulations! At this stage you are all set! Our onboarding team will review and validate your profile.

You will receive an email once this is done.

You will be able to switch the status to:

  • Available for All: to receive both Video and Audio calls via the app
  • Audio call only: if you want to only receive audio calls via the app
  • Invisible: this means you will not be shown in the search results of users and you will not be disturbed.

We encourage you to let your existing customers know that you are available on the platform, they can download the app and contact you via Jinitto so that you are paid for your service and you will build up your score from your known customers.

Ask them to add you to their Favorites.