Life Coach
Diploma - Practitioner of Excellence- Strategic Intervention
Expert's Summary
I am a passionate Dating/Relationship Coach supporting young people to find their soulmate through playfulness and ease. Remember: It is all about the journey- so why not enjoy it? *Find out what really matters to you in a relationship *Attract the love and passion, joy and lightness you desire and deserve *Find your counter pole who accepts you the way you are and makes you laugh madly *Bring playfulness into your everyday life, into your work, relationships and common routines and hobbies *Interact with the opposite sex without feeling like you need to play a certain persona, react a certain way or behave in modes that are seen as right My Specialties are: -dating apps/dating dynamics -cultural difference-body language -true passions and modes of being -self-acceptance & self-fulfilllment (discover your inner child) -remodelling thinking patterns, letting go of fears -cheating and honesty: spot the players -communication, compassion & surrender -gratitude & flow of abundance -emotional intelligence I also provide CV- and career advice as well ad written translation services in the following languages: English, Italian, German, Slovak, Czech.
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£20.00 / 5min
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