Administrative Assistant
Accredited Certification - University Certificate - Bachelor of Commerce
Expert's Summary
Over 10 years experience as a C-suite EA, working in both Australia and England. Working predominantly in Boutique Firms with an "all hands on deck" attitude, previous roles have developed to include Marketing Management, Event Management, CRM Development & Management, Project Management and Product Management. Within my latest role I managed a successful development and launch of an in-house BD addition to the CRM system including staff training. Successfully arranged client events in multiple locations incl. London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Los Angeles, and Miami. Assisted in overseeing daily operations of the company and making adjustments as necessary (IT, Marketing, Facilities etc.). Improved efficiency of in-house print solutions, cutting outgoing costs by 50%. I strive for excellence, I like to add value to a company, and work well under pressure. Additional Attributes: - Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite - Advanced Excel - Strong written and verbal communication - Strong business application skills - Excellent analytical reporting skills - Excellent customer service skills - Knowledgeable in Marketing Management - Practical understanding in Sales and Sales Management
Call Price
£5 / 5min
Executive Assistant
Direct access to consultants in accounting, taxation, finance and law consultants