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If you could create your perfect day, what would it look like?  What’s your goal for the day?  Are you focusing on surrounding yourself with creative and positive people or is your focus today on spending some great quality time with your family and friends?  More importantly, are you adding some time to your day to take care of yourself?

We had a bit of team powwow, here at Jinitto and here are our three favourite ways to get some time for a bit of self-care.

Get enough sleep!

It’s a mad and busy world we all live and work in, but lack of sleep can make even the most relaxed day feel overwhelming.  The benefits of good sleep are innumerable, but most importantly equate to better health, more happiness and better concentration and decision-making.  Turn off your pad, phone and TV well before you go to bed to give yourself time to relax and if you struggle with sleep, try sticking to a routine.

Give yourself a break

Focusing on work or kids is a great excuse for not taking care of yourself, but try to set yourself specific times where you don’t work and spend time doing what you like best!  Just five minutes in the day where you concentrate on you can make a massive difference to your day.

Get some exercise

However, you choose to ‘work out’ try and stick to it each day.  You might want to take advantage of a local group, a fitness app or a personal trainer. If you are determined to start tomorrow with a new approach to your fitness and are not sure where to start, the health and fitness experts on Jinitto can help you out.  Each expert has their own expertise, and you can choose who you would like to talk to – just download our app and off you go.

Every day we want to:

Eat well, move, laugh, smile, get outdoors, do work we are passionate about, read and feel like we are growing and learning, feel inspired and we want to feel rested, well and most importantly content.

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