Introducing Winter 2018’s Interior Design Trends!

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Interior design is one of the foremost areas where asking an expert absolutely reaps the rewards.  If you are like us, you have great ideas but pulling them together in a coherent way is the tricky bit. Where and when to use colour, fabric and lighting take experience.  This is where one of our expert advisors comes in.  Just look under our HOMES category and find an experienced interior designer who can help you out simply and quickly via our app.

Just to whet your appetite for what’s on trend this winter, these ideas look likely to be popular.

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Florals are going to be present in a big way apparently!  You will find them on wallpaper, fabrics and table wear.  Whether you choose to use material or just add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your living room, you will be instantly uplifting your living space.

Rich Colours

Perhaps we are finally coming away from beige and neutral colours.  If you are a bit partial to a bit of navy blue or emerald green, now is your time!  Apparently big, bold colours are making their way into our houses.  Think of the rich shades used throughout history and you will be on the right lines.  You may want to try just using a splash of solid colour, from re-upholstering your sofa to finding new artwork or decorative pieces such as a rich aubergine coloured vase.


Indoor cement tiles are rapidly becoming all the rage.  The idea of bringing the outdoors inside is continued by using the increasingly popular concept of using cement finishes indoors.  You can install these tiles as a kitchen back-splash, an accent wall or as a floor.  The patterns are so varied in colour and look, your instalment will be unique.

White Washing

White is such a great base colour as it makes space look bigger and fresher and is invariably used as accents.  However, it’s spreading its wings and becoming a colour of choice with floors, walls, doors and furniture being coloured white.  Using white allows you to add texture and it works brilliantly with a natural look.

Mixing your Metals

We’ve gone through the phases of black, gold and copper metal and now interior designers suggest that we don’t just need to stick to one.  Mixing and matching are going to be all the rage but ensuring they complement each other is key.    You will find two-tone fittings on everything from door hands, to tap and light fixtures.

If interior design is your thing and you would like to share your experiences and get paid for doing so, join Jinitto as one of our expert advisors.


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