How to Sell your Expert Advisory Services

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With the ever-changing technology available, the opportunities to connect people are limitless, whether they are people wanting to share or gain knowledge on any subject and whether it is for their business or their personal life.

At Jinitto, we enable anyone with professional or non-professional knowledge to ‘sell’ their expertise to other consumers or businesses wanting their advice and know-how.  This is done simply and effectively, using a video call which is made from any location.  By video, we are talking about an interactive video call, where you can see and speak to each other as if you are in the same room.

Take Joe, for instance, he has just retired from a long corporate HR career.  His knowledge of the latest recruitment needs and his understanding of what a corporation is looking for in their new employees is outstanding.  He can link quickly and easily with Sarah, who is looking to set up a recruitment agency focusing on finding the right high-level employees for corporate companies. She obviously understands her business niche but wants a little advice on specific areas.

He can also link with Amelia, who wants to apply to a large corporate for a new job but is nervous that her CV is not in the right format or saying the right thing.

Using the Jinitto app, Sarah and Amelia can get the help and advice they need quickly and simply, and Joe can set the rate he chooses to impart his wealth of knowledge. He can also take the calls from Sarah and Amelia where ever he is in the world, which is quite handy as he is about to set off on a tour of Europe!

If you want to share your knowledge and earn as you do, Jinitto offers a perfect solution.  As your call comes to an end, you will be paid directly into your bank account.  Callers will only get in touch with you if your profile fits their needs, so this means no time is wasted by either your caller or you.

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