How to look after the garden in winter

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  • During the winter seasons, all the plants in the garden (ornamental plants, vegetable gardens, etc.) go through a phase where they will “sleep”. In this case, a few gestures must be adopted to maintain them alive and to help them resist to the cold days. Also after the snow, some small work must also be done. Maintenance of the garden during the winter season (December and January) sometimes requires great maneuvers. Only here is the only option to have good greenery and excellent bloom in spring.


The first reflex is therefore to remove all that is useless: weeds, dead leaves, faded flowers, etc. Then the most important work is the trimming of the branches. This is a good opportunity to restore the shape of the garden by shortening the stems of roses and hydrangeas. Same for the branches of the climbing plants like the virgin vine and the honeysuckle. Finally, for protection measures, it would be ideal to preserve the floral plants from the terrace in the shelter from snow and wind. The most effective method for this is to use a wintering veil to cover them.

snow in garden

After winter, the first thing to do is to let the soil rest while removing rotting foliage that is at ground level. The work being done, the efflorescence should be excellent during the spring season!

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