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Regardless of the continuing growth in social media and electronic communication, people still really want to talk to people!  We all still crave reassurance, inspiration, advice and shared knowledge from other people, and we all experience times when we are not getting quite what we need when we need it.  This is when a lifestyle coach’s experience and advice can be invaluable, so if any of the situations below sound familiar, use Jinitto to search for a life coach and get ready to get back on track!

When you are feeling stuck

If you have achieved a lot already, but you are stuck getting yourself to take the next step, a life coach will probably be able to help you out.  This ‘stuck’ feeling often comes about when you have to face major decisions about life changes such as getting married or divorced or taking that new job.  If you have vented your frustrations to family and friends and are no closer to a decision, a life coach can help you determine what really means to you, in an unbiased and honest way.

When you need to be more decisive

If your confidence has taken a knock or if you just don’t dare to make a decision talking with a life coach can be a huge help.  It might just be that you are too close to your problems and need to be able to step back a bit to find clarity and get on a more positive path.  The job of a life coach is to make it easier for you to understand and decide what you really want and how to get to it.  They will help you assess risks and assert yourself wisely and productively.

When you have a vision but lack a plan

Some people have a very clear vision of where they want to be, but their problem comes with formulating an actionable and achievable plan. Life coaches are trained in the proven strategies to bring about success and results.  Don’t let your vision fall by the wayside due to lack of organisation!

Get a fresh approach by engaging with one of our expert life coaches and invest a little time in creating a brighter future.

Jinitto focuses on connecting you with an expert of your choice via your smartphone, simply and quickly.


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