Accountants available on Jinitto

At Jinitto we only accept accountants awarded a recognized qualification by the leading accountancy bodies.
Our pool of accountants is made of either Certified Accounting Technicians or Chartered Accountants.

1. Certified Accounting Technicians

The Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) have been trained to assist in preparing financial statements, bookkeeping and providing some limited financial analysis.
The qualification is awarded by the AAT or the ACCA organization only if 1 year of professional work has been conducted.

2. Chartered accountants

In the UK, the chartered accountants have been trained extensively and have worked for at least 3 years during their training.
They demonstrated to the bodies awarding the qualification that they can prepare financial statements and act as financial/tax advisor.
There are two main types of chartered accountants:

Bear in mind that the qualifications are not specific to a type of industry or business, so for complex issues you might want to look for experts in your area of interest. For example, a precise list of possible tax deductions in the Technology sector might benefit from a Tax and/or Technology expert.

Who can benefit from getting advice from the accountants available listed in Jinitto

You will find valuable advice if you:

  • have questions on tax returns or self-assessement for HCRM
  • are a Sole trader/self-employed people
  • are an SME

What questions are typically asked to the accountants available via Jinitto

Disclaimer: the time estimates are purely indicative and may vary depending on your particular circumstances.
Probably less than 15 mns:
  • Should my business register for VAT?
  • Should I hire an independent contractor or a full-time employee?
  • Should I buy or rent an office space?
  • Should I rent or lease a company car?
  • Does my business need to hire an accountant?
  • Are there any tax savings for a self-employed businesses that spend time working from home?
  • (UK) Do I need to complete a self assessment form?
  • (UK) What are the income tax thresholds?
  • (UK) What are the National Insurance Contributions (NICs) my Business will be required to pay?
  • (UK) How and when do I pay the National Insurance Contributions (NICs)?
Probably less than 30 mns:
  • When do I need to fill a Personal Tax Return?
  • How to register my business for VAT?
  • How to chose a setup for small business (self employed, or via a limited company)?
  • What insurances are mandatory for my business?
  • What insurances are mandatory for my property?
  • What are my responsabilities when hiring staff?
  • What are my duties in term of Health & Safety compliance?
  • Are there new tax laws I could take advantage of to maximize write-offs?
  • What are the best accounting softwares for my business?
  • How do I set up accounts for a sole trader?
  • How do I set up accounts for a limited company?
  • What are the necessary accounting documents and data my business needs to maintain?
  • What business expenses you can I claim back?
  • Can you advise how to fill my VAT return?
  • (UK) How can I pepare for the annual Self Assessment Tax Return?
Probably an hour or more:
  • What are my duties as sole trader?
  • Which tax credits and deductions can I claim?
  • (Specialization advised) What are the tax deductions relevant to my particular business or industry?
  • What are some ideas of legal means to minimize my tax exposure?
  • How can I work out my company’s fair market value?
  • I have a discounted cash flow (DCF) statement, can you help me review/analyse it?
  • Can you help with my Business Plan?
  • Can you help with my Cashflow Forecast?
  • Can you help with my Personal Tax Return?
  • How do I work out my break even point?
  • How do I improve receivables and manage payables?