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We have grouped under this category experts that can assist you with your day to day business matters.
For example, if you are wondering how to build your balance sheet, and what you can register as tangible assets, then you can find an accountant online on Jinitto by searching the key words you need.
Or say you were one of the brave ones who bought Bitcoin years ago and need help selling your bitcoins, then speak to our bitcoin expert online via video call and they can advise with you immediately.
  • Accounting

    Expert accountants to advise you whether you are employed, self-employed or a director of your own company, on your accounting and tax questions. #Find out more

  • Taxes

    Don’t waste your precious time and get the right advice by speaking to a tax advisor online now #Find out more

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin, Ether or Ripple? Top cryptocurrency experts are here to advice you understand more, or give you help buying or selling bitcoins

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