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What is jinitto

Jinitto is a platform and mobile app connecting experts with customers that need their expertise for:

  • Live Advisory Services
  • One to one consultations
  • Live tuition and tutoring

Customers call experts over the app via video call to have a one to one audiovisual chat. 

At the end of the call, customers pay the experts for the duration of the call and leave their rating and review.

How does it work

To provide your consultations on the platform, just follow the below easy steps:

1. Register

Download the Jinitto app and register as service provider, select your profession and define your pricing.

2. Get Vetted

Upload your professional details and certifications and our team will review your profile.

3. Get Listed

Once approved, put your status to Available to be listed for customers and receive video calls and get paid.

Why Jinitto


 Free to register, no membership fees

 For established experts

 Increase your revenue

 Get more customers

 See, Speak and chat with your customers

 Your own free professional profile

 Work from anywhere, anytime

Can I provide my services on Jinitto?

  • Are you an expert in your field?
  • Can you offer live advisory services or consultations remotely?
  • Would you like to expend your customers base?
  • Would you like to work flexibly from anywhere?
  • Would you like to generate more income?
Then Jinitto is for you. Join us now

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Professions we cover

Health & Fitness
Home & Repair
Business, Finance & Law
Fashion & Beauty
Health & Fitness

+ Personal Trainer
+ Nutritionist
+ Life Coach
+ Psychologist
+ Hypnotherapist
+ Nurse
+ Paramedic
+ Pharmacist
+ Specialist Doctor
+ Private GP
+ Alternative Medicine
+ Social Worker
+ Sports Coach
+ Restaurant Chef


+ Career Advisor
+ High School Teacher
+ Language Teacher
+ Music Teacher
+ PhD Doctor
+ Primary School Teacher
+ School Teacher
+ University Professor
+ Language Translation

Home & Repair

+ Appliances Specialist
+ Interior Designer
+ Landscape Designer
+ Gardener
+ Architect
+ DIY Specialist
+ Plumber
+ Electrician
+ Builder
+ Painter
+ Auto Mechanic
+ Car Electrics Specialist
+ Cycles Specialist

Business, Finance & Law

+ Accountant
+ Administrative Assistant
+ Banker
+ Business Consultant
+ Financial Advisor
+ Fundraiser
+ Human Resources
+ Insurance Agent
+ Investment Banker
+ Lawyer
+ Marketing Specialist
+ Mortgage Advisor
+ Paralegal
+ Sales Specialist
+ Startup Advisor

Fashion & Beauty

+ Fashion and Styling
+ Hair Stylist
+ Makeup Artist
+ Personal Shopper
+ Therapist


“Jinitto is on online platform that helps me connect with my patients remotely via video app. I could therefore provide advice and be rewarded for it.
It improves my relationship with my patients as they could speak to me at the most convenient time for them and I believe it future proofs my practice.”

Dr. Elisa Watson

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