Deco tips for a functional bathroom

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It is necessary to think quite well about the elements that will make up your bathroom, this room is where you will look after yourself and your well-being. But in this room, often small, space is limited. Here are some tips to make your bathroom a stylish but most practical place.

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Multiply the storage

To make your bathroom look nice but not congested, you need to increase the storage. Try putting up some drawers for a better organization. These are usually spacious and easy to access, they supersede traditional cupboards.

bathroomboxTo optimize storage capacity on your shelves, bet on the baskets or on the pretty storage boxes that will serve to hide the clutter. They also participate in the decoration of your bathroom.

You can, if the space of your room allows it, install a retractable piece of furniture. This will increase your storage capacity.



Exploit all the space

Installing suspended shelves and hooks that can accommodate sponge towels, toiletries, rolls of toilet paper or even household products will help to save a lot of  storage and leaving no unused space.

You can also use the available space under the sink by installing a practical piece of furniture. Thus, the piping is hidden but we also take advantage of additional storage.

Add a dimension

bathroommirrorsA large bathroom mirror hung over the sink basin gives depth and opens up a little perspective. The natural light is reflected there, giving a great luminosity to the room. Do not forget to refine the lighting of this room, it will have to be practical so that you can see yourself in the mirror (lights around the mirror are a solution), but also cocooning and not aggressive to take advantage of the moments of relaxation in your bath without having the light in your eyes. Setting indirect lighting like floor lamp or foot lamp if you have room for them, can be an original solution to soften the lighting of your bathroom.

Focus on accessories

To make your bathroom more user-friendly and convenient, for example, you arrange a clothes holder.

bathroomcurtains If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, install a beautiful curtain and a bath trolley! This convenient tray will allow you to read and to put a candle … for a true moment of relaxation.




Let’s play with the colors

By playing with the colors, it is possible to make a room feel larger. If your bathroom is small, focus on light tones that provide clarity and a feeling of space.

To spice up the room, you can also bet on a few elements of toned or acid colors on your bathroom furniture.

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