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Find a trusted expert online for professional advice via your smartphone.

Download the Jinitto App and call an expert via video call now for all types of questions, including health and fitness, life coaches, business or personal affairs, tax advisers and lawyers, tutors and home maintenance or appliances specialists.


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Speak to any technology or media professional for advice or direct support
From art to entertainment and travel, speak now to your professional consultant
Need to learn something new, or a refresher, find your education professional here
Get in shape with professional advice from doctors, nurses, therapists and more
Direct access to consultants in accounting, taxation, finance and law consultants
For immediate advice on how to look and feel great, from makeup and hairstyling to fashion
Get an expert advice when giving a fresh look to hour home, or get a specialist consultation live for any repairs you need at home or DIY from plumbin...

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Download the App

  • 01 Download Jinitto App

    Go to your app store and download the app to your smartphone.

    For Android, please download from here Google Play

    For iPhone, please download from here Apple Store

  • 02 Install the App

    Click on Install and follow the instructions.

  • 03 Allow permissions on your device

    For the app to function efficiently, please allow the required permissions by the app

Register on the app

  • 01 Sign-up

    Choose to signup with your own email, or via your Google, Facebook or Linkedin account. Using social accounts allows faster login.

  • 02 Choose your account type

    Choose whether you are looking for a professional advisor “I Need Help”, or whether you are a professional and would like to sign-up to use Jinitto Platform for providing your professional advice.

  • 03 Fill in your profile

    Now, follow the instructions and create your profile.

  • 04 Provide payment details

    If you chose to look for professional advice, this service is provided by the independent professionals for a fee, therefore you need to register your payment card, this will be safely stored by the secure payment platform Stripe

Search for your professional

  • 01 Use the search bar

    If you have specific details about what you need advice on, or you know the name of the professional you want to speak to, use the search bar on the home screen

  • 02 Browse professions by category

    You can also browse for the profession type you need by selecting the relevant category

  • 03 Choose a professional or next avaialble

    If you are in hurry and you need to speak to a professional asap, then you can select the option “Connect me to the next available advisor”, the platform will connect you to the next available professional based on your search criteria. Otherwise, you can select to browse the profiles of professionals immediately available to speak to.

    You can sort the list of profiles of filter by your criteria

    On the professional’s profile, you can see their pricing, their skills, certifications, rating and reviews. Remember that all our professionals have been checked and vetted by our team.

  • 04 Call your professional

    First make sure you have good network reception where you are.
    If you select a profile, and you are happy talking to that professional, then please press the video button, or audio button if you want audio only.

    The app will initiate the call to the professional, please wait for the professional to pick up. If the professional doesn’t pick up, you will have the choice to retry or speak to a different professional.

During and after the call

  • 01 Video call

    Once your professional receives your call, you will be connect together by video call on your smartphone. You will be able to see the duration and the pricing of the current call. You can switch between front and rear cameras of your smartphone, you can mute your phone, and you can even use the torch of your device if it is has this feature.

  • 02 Ask your question

    The first 60 seconds are cancellable free of charge, this is to allow you to check the quality of the call, if you are not happy with it you can end the call free of charge as long as it is within the first minute. This is also to allow you to ask your question to the professional and make sure he or she can help you or advice you on the specific topic you have. If the professional explains that the topic is not within their expertise, then you can hangup free of charge the first 60 seconds.

  • 03 We love your feedback

    Once you have finished your conversation with the professional, you can end the call by hanging up.
    You will then see a summary of the call and will have the opportunity to provide your feedback and rate the call and the professional. You can even leave a tip to the professional if you are pleased with the advice provided.